Come on…admit it, you love those Time-Life infomercials with the soft rock sounds from the 70’s and early 80’s. These are the songs you secretly sing along with at the grocery store and crank up in your rented convertible while cruising the PCH. It’s time to release yourself of those daily pressures and join The Windbreakers while you Drift Away down memory lane. Splash on that Old Spice, grab a Pina Colada and come Sailing into the experience of a lifetime. The band takes to the high seas with Captain Anton Neil (sax/vocals) at the helm of your yacht rock experience. Joining him on deck are Christopher Craft (guitar/vocals), Kenny Lager (bass/vocals) and powering the ship is Mr. Harvey Willbangher (drums).

The Windbreakers promise you’ll be saying Baby Come Back when you awake on board the next morning thinking Oh, What A Night!

The Windbreakers Ultimate Yacht Rock Experience: Sailing the smooth waves of soft rock!

From the creators of the World Famous Afrodisiacs & The Spazmatics now come The Windbreakers! All the smooth sounds from the late 70’s and early 80’s celebrating yacht rock at its best – back when music was actually played by musicians!

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